WMH Pain Management

War Memorial Hospital Pain Management is committed to providing comprehensive, evidence-based, interventional pain management options to patients with chronic pain.

We review the most current research to provide you with interventional pain therapies combined with physical therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and medication management. In order to accurately treat your pain, we will need to perform a variety of treatments that may diagnose and treat your conditions. Many times it may take a few procedures to maximize your pain relief.

Our overall goal is to help patients manage their pain and move them toward independent, functional living.

The key to our success is a shared respect and ownership of your pain. By understanding what we and you can do to assist you with your pain, you will have better results.

We are happy to announce that we now have two locations to better serve our patients!

Sault Ste. Marie Location

The Sault Ste. Marie office, run by Dr. Ali Daha, is located at 146 Spruce Street aross the street from the main WMH campus.  Appointments can be made by calling 906-253-0113.

Kincheloe Location

The Kincheloe office, run by Dr. Andrew Alshab, is located at 16523 South Water Tower Drive. Appointments can be made by calling 906-632-5849.

What makes WMH Pain Management approach to pain different?

  • We use an evidence based, multidisciplinary approach to manage pain.
  • We use interventional pain blocks to identify and treat pain generators.
  • We use physical/occupational therapy to strengthen and re-coordinate muscles and identify areas of your pain that affect your function.
  • We identify appropriate medicines based on your response to treatments so that you can reach your goals.
  • We work with you to recognize that chronic pain affects the way you think and develop strategies to not have it change you as a person. 
  • We help you recognize how life style choices that you are in control of can affect your pain. 


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Andrew Alshab , M.D., MPH

WMH Pain Management
16523 S. Water Tower Dr.
Kincheloe, MI 49788
Phone: 906-632-5849