WMH Fundraising Priorities

WMH Behavioral Health Center Pavilion Project

WMH invites you to give back to the Eastern Upper Peninsula by making a donation toward WMH Behavioral Health Center’s Outdoor Courtyard Project.

The entire project will include a new courtyard fence, a basketball court, and a covered pavilion. This project will impact patients from the entire region. The positive impact of time spent in the outdoors on mental health is well-documented. By completing the WMH BHC Courtyard Project, patients will have access to the outdoors each and every day.

Art for Hope

Cancer brings physical and emotional challenges that begin at diagnosis and continue throughout treatment. A diagnosis of cancer can be devastating for patients and their families.

The mission of Art for Hope is to transform clinical areas into warm, hopeful and healing spaces for patients, their families and health-care providers.

If you or your business are interested in supporting this effort, please contact the WMH Development Fund. 906.635.4351 or


Because of Donors Like You, We Have Completed...

Long Term Care Vehicle


Accessible, reliable transportation is crucial to the quality of life for residents in Long Term Care. The WMH LTC team works hard to ensure that residents limited to wheelchairs are able to seek offsite services, such as dental, vision, and special medical appointments, special outings and important life events. One resident was able to attend a 50-year class reunion and another attended her son’s wedding.



As the only dialysis unit in the EUP, we are committed to providing this life-saving service so patients do not have to travel to Petoskey or Marquette to receive these services three times a week. As a community hospital, we believe certain services must be provided even if reimbursement does not cover the expense of operating the program.