WMH Endocrinology

Dr. Kelli Virgin, D.O, M.P.H, C.C.D
WMH Endocrinology can help diagnose and treat hormone related problems and complications that may arise from them. Endocrinology focuses on hormones and the many glands that produce them.
Dr. Kelli Virgin practices a hybrid model of on-site and telemedicine. Dr. Virgin is currently accepting patients for treatment in the following areas:
· Diabetes Mellitus
· Thyroid Disorders
· Thyroid Cancer
· Parathyroid Disorders
· Pituitary Disorders
· Adrenal Disorders
· Transgender Health
· Men's and Women's Reproductive Health
· Infertility
· Osteoporosis and Bone Health
· High Cholesterol
· Weight and Metabolism
*Please note, Dr. Virgin does not see pediatric patients.
WMH Endocrinology
146 W. Spruce St.
Sault Ste. Marie, MI  49783
(906) 253-0113


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