Volunteer Services


WMH has many opportunities for volunteers of all ages. We welcome your time, talents, and input as we continuously endeavor to improve the patient experience at War Memorial Hospital.

Volunteering comes in many forms at WMH. Scroll down on this page to get an example of the kinds of programs you can get involved in to help your community and your local hospital.

To speak to someone about volunteering, contact our Volunteer Services Coordinator, Krystle Gerzetich.
Email: Phone: 906-635-4351

Driving Directions

Helping Hands

Are you interested in serving the community in a very special way? WMH is looking for smiling, energetic, and caring people to greet and assist patients and family members. This role focuses on our Information Desk in the new lobby and within our surgery waiting room.  If you have the right stuff to be a Helping Hand please call, fill out and return the application below, or pick up a volunteer application at the Information Desk.

Other Helping Hand opportunities include working within departments on a regular basis or special projects.

Would you like to volunteer at WMH? If so, please download and complete the Volunteer Application below and return to WMH.

WMH Volunteer Application v15.pdf

Road to Recovery

Minivan donated to Road to Recovery

With the closest location for radiation treatments about 90 minutes away and cancer patients from our community needing to receive treatment every day for weeks at a time, it becomes a time consuming and expensive situation.  For some patients it can literally mean they have to forgo this vital care.   Our Road to Recovery program recruits and trains volunteer drivers to ensure transportation is available to all local cancer patients year round. 

If you have a few hours a month to drive cancer patients or would like to learn more about this program, call Krystle Gerzetich, WMH Road to Recovery Coordinator at 906-635-4351.

To become a driver, you must first complete the application linked below. Please download and complete the driver application and return to Krystle at WMH.

WMH Driver Application v15.pdf

Become a member of the Patient & Family Advisory Council

2016 Patient Family Adivsory Council

Would you like to help shape healthcare services for patients and families in your community? If so, please consider serving on the WMH Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC).

PFAC members are patients, family members, and staff volunteers who advise on War Memorial Hospital policies, procedures, and practices. They are partners in care whose feedback and input are crucial to improving the overall patient and family experience for all.

We value and strive for diversity in our member’s perspectives, opinions and healthcare experiences.

PFA Council Members:

  • Come with an open mind and a positive approach,
  • See beyond their own personal experiences,
  • Respect the perspective of others,
  • Support War Memorial Hospital’s mission to improve the quality of life and health through partnerships with those we serve.

At WMH, healthcare is a team effort involving the patient, family, and caregivers as equal partners. We believe input from all partners is vital in creating the most effective care plan for the best outcome for the patient. This collaborative approach is not only better for the patient, but it also improves quality and safety, and reduces healthcare costs.

The PFAC is currently seeking new members for Fall 2018. If you or someone you know has received services at WMH and you can commit to a monthly meeting of open sharing and brainstorming - the PFAC may be for you! Please call the Quality Management Department at 906-253-1015 for more information, or email Angela Love at or Sherri Pavloski

PFAC Application

PFAC Brochure