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We believe that the health of your mind is as important as the health of your body. Our behavioral health services are here to help you navigate through life in order to reach your personal health goals. The WMH team can help you address a wide range of mental health conditions.

Inpatient Services

The WMH Behavioral Health Center is a 20-bed inpatient facility that is designed for adults ages 18 and over. Our program offers supportive, 24-hour monitoring for patients that are suffering with a variety of psychiatric illnesses, including:

⦁ depression
⦁ anxiety
⦁ bi-polar
⦁ psychosis
⦁ schizophrenia
⦁ mood disorders
⦁ post traumatic stress disorder.

Our mission is to offer a safe, caring and therapeutic environment that allows our patients to begin their path to recovery

Our multidisciplinary clinical team collaborates with each patient to jointly identify symptoms of distress and discover strengths upon which to build. With every inpatient admission, the patient undergoes a health/physical and psychiatric consultation as well.

An individualized treatment plan is formulated for each patient and all are encouraged to participate in recreational therapy, psychotherapy groups and compliance with medication management. Our staff consists of highly skilled, motivated and dedicated professionals that work extensively to assist each patient as they strive for their treatment goals. Expert care is delivered by board certified psychiatrists, specially-trained nurses, social workers, occupational and physical therapists, and other members of the WMH medical staff.

Treatment does not end upon discharge. Our professional staff formulates an aftercare plan that is crucial in the continuation of a patient’s recovery and may include references for therapeutic housing, employment, out-patient psychiatric and psychotherapy services, family counseling and education.

Receiving Inpatient Treatment or Referring Someone for Care:

Emergency department staff, outpatient clinicians, physician practices, and Community Mental Health advocates can all screen patients for possible referral to our inpatient facility.

Outpatient Services

WMH Outpatient Psychiatry specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of common psychiatric illnesses in adults and children.

Our providers help patients to address depression, bi-polar disorder, psychosis, anxiety, mood disorders and more on an outpatient basis. Bariatric and psychopharmacological consults are also available.

Outpatient psychiatric services are delivered at our offices located in Kincheloe.

other services

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