Below is our Notice of Privacy Practices describing how medical information about you may, by law, be used and disclosed, and how you can access this information. The Privacy Practices includes opt out language for certain provisions as allowed by law. You can read it online, download it to your computer or request a copy from WMH. Please contact us through with any questions or requests related to our Privacy Practices. You may also contact the Privacy Officer at (906) 253-1078

You may opt out of receiving fund raising materials by letting us know of your choice at  You can also call War Memorial Hospital at (906) 635-4460 and request to speak with the Public Relations Department or email Jazell Raycraft, Director of Community Relations/Fund Development at

You may opt out of having your information provided to the UP Health Information Exchange by contacting the War Memorial Hospital Privacy Officer at (906) 253-1078 or here at