Canadian Patients


Why Wait for Healthcare?

Canadian residents anxious to schedule diagnostic tests or receive walk-in care don't have to wait for lengthy periods. Healthcare services are available to our neighbors from Canada at War Memorial Hospital.

Consider WMH if you are in need of ….

  • Critical tests, like MRI, CT Scan, PET Scan, or other services from our Radiology department;
  • Surgical procedures, like joint replacement, bariatric (weight loss) surgery, circumcision, and others;
  • Walk-in care for things like sprains, minor lacerations, infections, foreign body removal, flu, and more.

What can you expect at War Memorial?

  • Schedule tests like MRI & CT scans within 10 days (with a doctor's order)
  • Get a PET scan within 30 days (with a doctor's order)
  • Be seen by a provider at the Walk-In Clinic within 1 hour
  • Stay closer to home for surgical procedures and other healthcare services

We know that our healthcare system is structured differently than what Canadian patients are accustomed to, which is why we have a Canadian Concierge to help you navigate the system. Call or email the Canadian Concierge with questions about scheduling appointments, making payment arrangements, pricing for certain services, and more.

You can reach our Canadian Concierge by phone at (906) 253-2700 or by email at

All services require up-front payment unless the patient has U.S. insurance accepted by WMH. For those paying cash, WMH will accept cash or credit card. As is the case with our U.S. patients, cash-pay patients receive a 30% discount.

 Why wait for healthcare services? The Right Care is Right Here in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan! 

A Special Message for our Canadian Patients