The Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) and Transparency-In-Coverage (TiC) contain some member cost transparency measures that are meant to provide additional insight into member cost sharing and overall cost of care for individual and group market coverage. Please note that the information provided in these files is in relation to group health coverage provided to MyMichigan Medical Center Sault employees and their dependents.

In compliance with the CAA and TiC requirements, please find the URL link below. This link can be used to access two types of files. One file will show all applicable rates with in-network providers for all covered items and services. The second file will show billed charges and allowed amounts for covered items and services provided by out-of-network providers.

Please note that these machine-readable files are very large in size and in some cases may exceed a terabyte. Attempts to download these files, without having adequate computer capability, may result in excessive download time and/or errors may occur during the download process.

To access the machine readable files, please click here: Payer Transparency Information

Please note: Google Chrome may not support the above Payer Transparency Information link. If you are unable to obtain the information using Google Chrome, please use Firefox. Then open this json file format in notepad or PDF.