Donating to War Memorial Hospital

War Memorial Hospital is a nonprofit community hospital.  Donor gifts make it possible to purchase equipment and fund programs for our patients and community.  Donations to WMH are made through our Development Fund and are fully tax-deductible as allowed under the law.

  • Cash or Check

  • Stocks, Securities, or Property

  • Through the many types of bequests and other estate options

Gifts by cash or check

Checks may be made to WMH Development Fund. Please indicate if your gift is designated for a specific department or program.

Please mail donations to:

Development Fund, War Memorial Hospital, 500 Osborn Blvd, Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783

Gifts of Stocks, Securities, or Property

Gifts of securities may offer significant tax benefits to the donor. Contributions of appreciated securities held for over a year are generally tax-deductible at market value, regardless of what the donor paid for the securities. This may provide the donor with capital gains savings as well as a charitable income tax deduction.

The transfer of securities from a donor’s brokerage account to the WMH Development Fund occurs through the Depository Trust Company (DTC). The information you will need is listed here:

War Memorial Hospital
Charles Schwab Account # 2820-7165
DTC #0164
Donor Name and Address
Chippewa County War Memorial Hospital
Federal I.D. # 38-2602147

You may also notify the Development Fund at 635-4351 and we can assist you with making a gift in this way.

Bequest and Planned Gifts

Making A Difference in the Lives to Follow

A Bequest is a will provision that becomes effective upon an individual’s death and allocates all or part of the individual’s estate to benefit WMH patients. A Bequest can be general or specific. A specific Bequest may be designated to one or more of the hospital’s departments or projects, such as the Cancer Care Center, Long Term Care, etc. Bequests most often are revocable and subject to change. Sample language and an introductory brochure are provided in the documents below.

A Beneficiary Designation is a trust provision that becomes effective according to the terms of the trust. The trust terms may specify that WMH will receive a specific amount or percent of the trust assets upon an individual’s death, the occurrence of a specified event, or at a specific time. A trust is funded by assets that have been conveyed to it so that they will be titled in the name of the trust. A beneficiary designation is similar to a bequest and can be general or specific. Trust assets donated to WMH may be designated to one or more of the hospital’s departments. Beneficiary designations most often are revocable and subject to change.

WMH encourages everyone to create and update an estate plan with the assistance of a qualified attorney and/or other advisors.

Sample Bequest Wording
WMH Brochure

Contact Our Director

Director: Jazell Raycraft

Phone: (906) 635-4351


Please contact Jazell with any questions about or ideas on how to support WMH through a charitable gift.