WMH 2017 Fundraising Priorities

For 2017 we have our focus on a number of big projects that will be wonderful additions to War Memorial Hospital and benefiting our community.  We will keep you updated on this page with current and completed projects.

Hospital Chapel


WMH has long recognized the need for a chapel for our patients and families and will be converting a space on our main floor.

The chapel will provide a convenient place for prayer and reflection, or just a quiet place to escape from stress and worry. It will be an inclusive space for people of a specific faith, or of no faith, to feel welcome.

The space will incorporate various religious symbols, elements of nature, neutral soft colors and comfortable seating.

In November, a group of area clergy met with staff to share feedback on the space. Staff appreciated hearing from those with experience counseling families during difficult times.  We also engaged the WMH Patient and Family Council (PFAC) for feedback to ensure the chapel was designed to best serve all who will use it.

We received a generous donation from the Ken O’Connor family to get the project started. We are seeking additional support as we complete the project.  If you would like to help, click HERE to donate.

Any individual or church group wishing to contribute to the project or tour the space, please contact Teresa with the WMH Development Fund at 906.635.4351 or at

Long Term Care Respite Room


Being by the side of a loved one during the final days and hours while in the hospital is a moment where families should have the privacy needed to cope and deal with the situation. 

Last year the family of Lillian Rawllings spoke to WMH admin after Lillian passed away on the Long Term Care Unit. They wanted to express how thankful they were for the wonderful care Lillian and the family received.  But they also wanted to express their dissatisfaction with the lack of privacy they had with their Mother in those final days, while she was sharing a room with other patients.  We knew this was a situation that needed to be rectified.

Around the same time the LaJoie family had approached WMH to donate money to the hospital in honor of their Mother, Betty LaJoie, who was a long time employee and volunteer at WMH.  It was the perfect storm of two families wanting to help their local hospital better their services and through this the Betty LaJoie Family Respite Room was built and opened in the Longer Term Care Unit.   

The new room now offers a private, comfortable, homey space for families during a difficult time.


We offer a 51 bed Long Term Care Unit that is available for patients coming in for short-term rehabilitation following surgery or illness, or will make LTC their home.  Recreational activities are available daily for residents. Beauty/Barber shop services are onsite as are physician and vision services.

~ 2018 PROJECTS ~

SIM Center

Information on this project is still to come. 


Cancer Care Center


In January, 2016 War Memorial Hospital opened the doors to their State Of The Art Cancer Care Center, offering comfort and privacy to patients undergoing cancer treatment“under-one-roof”.

Ensuring that every cancer patient was receiving treatment in a welcoming and comfortable environment, close to home was a top priority of War Memorial Hospital. Patients and their families shouldn’t have the added burden of traveling out of the area for high quality cancer care.

The Center is led by Dr. Belisario Arango who joined the WMH team in August of 2014. Specializing in both oncology and hematology, the proximity of his practice to these treatment areas will also be beneficial to his patients.

Expanded Infusion Therapy / Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy and infusion therapy are offered exclusively at WMH in Chippewa County. Patients undergoing intravenous treatments may be on the unit anywhere from one to six hours at a time, repeating that same pattern during a multi-visit course of treatment. WMH has created a comfortable, private environment for our patients.

Honor and Support those with Cancer  

 In Honor of a Cancer Patient

War Memorial Hospital invites you to participate in improving cancer care by purchasing a ceramic tile.

Cancer touches everyone in some way in our community.  The tile program is a simple way community members and businesses can make a difference.

With a $250 gift, donors may personalize a six-inch tile in honor of someone, in memory of a loved one, or in support of all Eastern U.P. cancer patients. The opportunity is available to individuals and businesses.

The personalized ceramic tiles are on display at entrance to the Cancer Care Center, located on the 2nd floor of the Medical Office building.

Buy a Tile to support the Cancer Care Center

 Tile in Memory of a Loved One

For more information about purchasing a tile or supporting the Cancer Care Center, please contact Teresa Armstrong at (906) 635-4351.

Emergency Department


Nearly four years in the making, the newly-expanded and renovated Emergency Department opened on August 12, 2014. Today, 18 exam rooms are in use, doubling the department’s size.

One major change is the opening of two trauma rooms, also known as resuscitation rooms. Using an overhead boom, life-saving equipment is within reach of medical staff and both rooms have direct access to the CT scanner without using public hallways. Planning was key in this space, right down to the color-blocked floor, where each color signifies the placement of a trauma team member during a code. Staffed by physicians and nurses with advanced training in trauma care, all the pieces are in place for exceptional trauma care.

Several rooms service special purposes or allow for staff to perform functions that require specialized equipment, including

  • Fast-track rooms
  • Negative pressure rooms 
  • Bariatric room 
  • Dialysis-capable rooms
  • Psychiatric rooms
  • Trauma rooms